5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started: with Howard Love, LoveToKnow Media CEO, Angel Investor & Bestselling Author

I’ve tried to share my 35 years of being an entrepreneur and angel investor and to make it a lot easier for aspiring entrepreneurs. I know as well as anyone just how hard startups are, but knowing and understanding how the journey unfolds should help almost every founder.

LoveToKnow Founder & CEO Howard Love on VentureBeat’s Engage Podcast

Stewart and Travis interview Howard Love, author of The Startup J-Curve, on how startups can succeed, and how the “always mobile, always connected” customer has changed the landscape forever.

Our CEO talks Snapchat IPO Valuation on CGTN

What goes into deciding what a company is worth when it is valued at such an astronomical amount? Howard Love is a man who knows.

LoveToKnow Corp. Founder & CEO talks markets, start-ups & government relations & top trends for 2017 on Bloomberg

Howard Love Entrepreneur/Angel Investor Discussing why the government should craft policies that "get out of the way" of startups.

Our CEO talks Top StartUp Trends of 2017 (AI!) on Yahoo! Finance

So what will the number one startup trend be in 2017? Howard Love, a life-long entrepreneur with more than 35 years of business experience and author of “The Startup J Curve,” told Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith...

Our Founder’s New Book Reviewed on

…if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you flop around and try to figure out what the real problem business problem was – and it’s usually not even something that was in the original business plan. This stage is called morphing, according to Howard Love’s The Start-Up J Curve: The Six Steps to Entrepreneurial Success.

LoveToKnow Acquires Leading Outdoors Site

LoveToKnow is pleased to announce the acquisition of a leading outdoors resource site. provides downloadable trail guides, maps and other valuable information for outdoors adventurers.