Privately held LoveToKnow’s family of websites comprise one of the largest digital media companies in the US. A global company at heart, LoveToKnow is headquartered in Florida, with its team spanning 14 time zones.

LoveToKnow draws its staff from exceptional talent around the globe. Product development takes place in our beautiful new office in Barcelona, Spain, with supporting, telecommuting teams in North America and India. The company uses innovative technology and workflow solutions in place of many face-to-face meetings. Spread across the globe, LoveToKnow’s contributors keep in touch, collaborate and work as a team to get the job done. Not only do they share workplace goals, many have become long distance friends, sharing with each other even after the work is done.

LoveToKnow.com is the #2 destination for women online, providing not only the information people "love to know," but also what they need to know. Expert writers and editors have developed more than 100 channels on everything from cooking and parenting to health, pets, and everything in between. With a comScore index of 275, LoveToKnow.com will launch a Spanish language version of the site & Barcelona presence summer 2017.
YourDictionary.com is a best in class grammar & education reference site for students, teachers, parents & homeschoolers. In addition to easy to understand word definitions, grammar tips, and pronunciation help it includes sentence examples, famous quotes and help for acing your favorite word games!
GolfLink.com is the most inclusive online golf community with over 100,000 members. GolfLink is the ultimate golf destination with tons of valuable information golfers of all abilities will enjoy and appreciate. It offers access to over 20,000 golf courses, including yardage maps, unique flyovers & exclusive deals & discounts, and expert tips & videos.
PublicBookShelf is the number one place to read romance books online & is currently being revamped. Stay tuned!

Howard has founded or co-founded over 15 companies – including LoveToKnow, FlexJobs, PageWise, DealBase, and Knowingly (the current owner of Gigaom).

In addition to starting companies, Love invests in early stage ventures and has made over 50 such investments including OpenTable (IPO), Trulia (IPO), Titan Aerospace (sold to Google), HotelTonight, and many others.

Howard Love’s debut bestselling book ‘The Start Up J Curve’ has received accolades from Entrepreneur, Inc, Bloomberg, VentureBeat, Worth and other business press. It is still an Amazon bestseller and recently received the Axiom Business Book bronze medal for Entrepreneurship.

Howard’s recent speaking appearances include Slush Helsinki, the Government of Spain, Techtoberfest, Start-up Grind Global Conference, Start-Up Week, Tech Stars, Plug & Play, Capital Factory, and Founders Institute.

Additional information & media coverage at www.howardlove.com.