Who We Are

About LoveToKnow Media

Ingenuity for innovation is in LoveToKnow Media’s DNA. A remote and global first company for over 15 years, the company has employees in key markets around the world, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. In addition to our dynamic and thriving remote culture, we have a sprawling office in the heart of Barcelona.

Leadership Team

Howard Love


Howard founded LoveToKnow Media in 2005 with the mission to make the world smarter. Howard has founded or co-founded over 15 companies, including LoveToKnow Media, FlexJobs, PageWise, DealBase, and Knowingly (the current owner of Gigaom). In addition to starting companies, Howard invests in early stage ventures and has made over 85 such investments including OpenTable (IPO), Trulia (IPO), Titan Aerospace (sold to Google), HotelTonight, and many others. Howard’s debut bestselling book ‘The Start Up J Curve’ has received accolades from Entrepreneur, Inc, Bloomberg, VentureBeat, Worth and is an Amazon bestseller.

Ethan Trex

Chief Executive Officer
As CEO, Ethan Trex will continue to lead the company’s evolution to a collection of branded properties that lead the way in educating and inspiring global audiences through innovative and empowering experiences. Before joining LoveToKnow Media, Ethan spent over a decade building Mental Floss, where he served as the brand’s editorial director, VP of Strategy, and President. In this role, he oversaw all editorial elements of the brand and specialized in growing new revenue streams like branded content, licensing, and syndication. In addition, Ethan’s writing has appeared in ESPN the Magazine, Grantland, and six books he co-authored or edited.
Marc Boswell

Marc Boswell


As Chief Revenue Officer, Marc Boswell is responsible for Brand Partnerships, Marketing, Revenue Operations, LTK Studios, and Advertising Innovation across the full suite of properties. Prior to joining LoveToKnow Media, Marc spent the better part of his career at Business Insider growing the revenue, programmatic, and client support teams to scale alongside the tremendous growth of the digital native property. Marc has focused on creating world-class client experiences throughout his career and is thrilled to bring that to LoveToKnow Media. As a builder, he’s excited to create new teams, experiences, and bring growth to the LoveToKnow Media brands.


Ana Hernández, PhD


As Chief Product Officer, Ana Hernández oversees the product strategy across LoveToKnow Media’s brands, ensuring that user needs are met with a focus on innovation and efficiency. Before being promoted to this role, she was the General Manager at WordFinder Web. Ana has been working in the digital publishing industry for over a decade. The first few years, she jumped between the ancient realm of monastery libraries where she researched medieval manuscripts for her PhD, and the modern world of SEO and web content. After finishing her dissertation, she became the Senior Content Manager at SeeTheWorld, leading its content, social media, and growth strategy.

Byron Reese

Chief Operating Officer

Byron Reese is an Austin-based entrepreneur with a quarter-century of experience building and running technology companies. He is a recognized authority on AI and holds a number of technology patents.

In addition, he is a futurist with a strong conviction that technology will help bring about a new golden age of humanity. He gives talks around the world about how technology is changing work, education, and culture. He is the author of five books on technology, his most recent was described by The New York Times as “entertaining and engaging” and was translated into nine languages.


Josh Coady

Chief Software Architect

Josh has been working with LoveToKnow Media’s CEO, Howard Love, on a variety of projects since 2003 including FlexJobs.com, Trails.com, YourDictionary.com, and LoveToKnow.com. In his role of Chief Software Architect, Josh is the strategic lead on the technical guidance and development for LoveToKnow Media’s core properties and oversight of the engineering team.

Chris Schenk

Vice President, Commerce

In his role of Vice President, Commerce, Chris Schenk leads the commerce and affiliate marketing strategy across LoveToKnow Media’s brands. Prior to joining LoveToKnow Media, Chris founded the commerce department at viral publisher Brainjolt Media, where he worked across the editorial, social, audience development and analytics teams to build content, marketing, and tracking solutions that drove 9-figure partner revenue annually. Chris cut his commerce teeth as an inventor and product marketer, and is excited to bring that entrepreneurial energy to LoveToKnow Media.

Matthew Larson

Matthew Larson

Vice President, Investment Research

In his role of Vice President, Investment Research, Matthew Larson works in tandem with the LoveToKnow Media executive team to evaluate strategic investment opportunities and competitive positioning across the digital media industry. Prior to joining LoveToKnow Media, Matthew was a Senior Analyst at Provenire Capital, a Technology sector-focused alternative investment management firm, and a Vice President covering Retail and Consumer Products companies at Baird, a middle-market investment bank. Earlier in his career, Matthew was a Consultant within Deloitte Consulting’s TMT Strategy practice working primarily with Fortune 50 companies on customer, channel, and growth strategies.

Marc Polo

VP of Engineering and Spain Country Manager

Marc is a dynamic and multi-talented professional who wears many hats at LoveToKnow Media. Having joined as Engineering Manager, he stepped into the role of VP of Engineering and Spain Country Manager by showcasing great leadership skills and implementing forward-thinking strategies for the tech teams. In his current capacity, he leads and manages technical professionals worldwide, representing over 20 different nationalities. Marc’s expertise and leadership have been instrumental in driving the company’s technological innovation and growth. With a diverse background encompassing experience as a developer, team lead, and entrepreneur, Marc brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to his work. Having lived and worked in various parts of the world, he possesses a unique global perspective that has proven invaluable in managing a geographically dispersed team.

Iustin Gheorghe

Front End Engineering Manager

Iustin is the driving force behind our tech-savvy Front End Engineering team at LoveToKnow Media. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Barcelona, and a background in architecture, Iustin brings a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess to the table. With over a decade of experience as a Software Engineer, he’s a master behind the pixels, turning code into captivating user experiences.

Beyond the screen, Iustin is a devoted family man, juggling the adventures of parenthood. A connoisseur of both bytes and baby bottles, he fosters teamwork by cultivating an environment where each team member’s expertise is valued. From the vibrant streets of Barcelona, our Front End team is in good hands while we continue to weave digital wonders.

Andrea Marrigan


Andrea is responsible for digital advertising partnerships and revenue yield management across all of our properties. She works closely with the Revenue, Engineering and Product teams to test and optimize our programmatic ad stack across display and video, and to research and test new data and identity solutions. Andrea started her Digital Media career over 15 years ago, working at an ad tech company for several years. Prior to joining LoveToKnow Media, she led the Programmatic Operations team at Gatehouse Media/Gannett. Andrea enjoys the fast-moving and changing digital media industry and continues to learn and grow from the collaborative teams here at LoveToKnow.

Amaia Zelaiaundi


Amaia leads a diverse team of designers, overseeing brand and web design, UX/UI, graphic design, and brand marketing. This integrated approach brings together all design efforts and talent under one roof, fostering cross-collaboration and a deeper understanding of the company’s design and communication strategies. With a background in London’s creative industry and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design from UAL (University of the Arts London),  Amaia is instrumental in driving strategic design thinking and marketing initiatives, translating ideas into reality across all company products. With over thirteen years of experience in various sectors, including tech startups, creative agencies, educational institutions, and major charities, Amaia is dedicated to enhancing brand communication and audience engagement through her design expertise and visionary approach.

Keith McComb


As Director of Growth Strategy, Keith oversees the SEO and organic traffic efforts across the organization. He is focused on collaborating with the brand leadership to ensure the strategic vision for the properties aligns with the potential for organic growth. With over 10 years of experience in SEO, content strategy, analytics, web design, digital PR, team leadership, and in house brand management, Keith has developed a unique skill set and a deep understanding of the multi disciplinary components necessary to create high quality web properties capable of achieving competitive organic visibility.

Carrie Grosvenor


As Editorial Director at LoveToKnow.com, Carrie Grosvenor leads the editorial team and initiatives, overseeing content strategy, ideation, and creation. She is responsible for setting the editorial vision to ensure her team continuously meets the goals that have helped cement the brand as a leader in Lifestyle Digital Content. Carrie has been part of the LoveToKnow team since 2008, when she started as a freelance writer and editor. With over 20 years of experience in digital media, Carrie brings knowledge and expertise from a wide variety of brands and publishers.